Rehab Services

New Patient Functional Exam- $60/Exam

45-Minute initial functional exam for individuals with an acute or chronic pain/injury. Please wear athletic clothing to your initial session.

  • Complete Functional History

  • Movement Exam

  • Orthopedic Testing

  • Muscular Strength Testing

  • Root of Pain/Injury Breakdown

  • Prognosis/Treatment

  • *We begin treatment on the same day as the new patient exam.

45-Minute Rehab Session- $60/Session


For individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain/injury. Please wear athletic clothing to every session.

  • Functional Review of Previous Session

  • Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Movement Coaching

  • Rehab Exercise

  • Postural Strengthening

  • Mobilization/Manipulation

  • Electric Stimulation