Rehab Services

New Patient Functional Exam- $50

45-Minute initial functional exam for individuals with an acute or chronic pain/injury. Please wear athletic clothing to your initial session.

  • Complete Functional History

  • Movement Exam

  • Orthopedic Testing

  • Muscular Strength Testing

  • Root of Pain/Injury Breakdown

  • Prognosis/Treatment

  • *We begin treatment on the same day as the new patient exam.

45-Minute Rehab Session- $50/Visit

For individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain/injury. Please wear athletic clothing to every session.

  • Functional Review of Previous Session

  • Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Movement Coaching

  • Rehab Exercise

  • Mobilization/Manipulation

  • Electric Stimulation

6-Visit Package- Save 10% On Rehab Sessions with Package Purchase.

Postural Strength Program- $240

Staying injury-free is the single greatest investment you can make. Year after year many athletes lose the potential of receiving scholarships because of injuries. If your goal is collegiate or professional level sports, this is the perfect program for you.

Strength Training targeted at strengthening athletes' individual weaknesses to decrease future injuries and increase power. This program is optimal for athletes looking to make strides towards the next phase in their athletic career.

Dr. Robert Corvino has an extensive history of training that gives him an edge when working with Athletes. Between specialized training, education, and a long history of sports himself, he provides expertise when working with all levels of athletes.

*This program is a common transition for patients who have been discharged successfully from rehab. It will build upon postural strength obtained during rehab sessions and begin to transition the athlete back into powerful movements.

  • 6, 1-Hour Sessions Over 3 Weeks (Biweekly)

  • One-on-one or two-on-one sessions with Dr. Corvino

  • Functional Strength Exam and Individualized Programing

  • Specific Weakness Training Based on Athlete's Needs (ex. Ankles, Hips, Hamstrings)

  • Program Evolution as Athlete Builds Strength

  • Measurable Outcomes

  • Focus on Mechanics, Posture, Recruitment, and Muscular Endurance/Strength

*For more information, please read our blog titled, "Strength Conquers Pain".


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