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No. More. Pain.

Array Strength Rehab & Performance

**We are currently accepting new patients.**


Due to our schedule and current expansion, online scheduling will no longer be active. We are currently accepting new patients. If you are interested in scheduling with us, please contact us at (850)546-4640, or email us at healthteam@arraystrength.com. You can also contact us through our form on the Schedule Today page.

The Array Strength Difference.

Acute Sports Injury? Chronic Lifelong Pain? Frequent Injuries or Instability? You're in the right place.

Array Strength Rehab is a combination of traditional rehab principles and strength training, to improve postural strength. The strengthening process deloads painful joints and injured areas to accelerate healing. Our goal... discharge our patients with full recovery from their pain/injury and help to prevent future injuries. 

We schedule our patients twice weekly and aim for a treatment window of 6 visits. However, that is greatly dependent on the individual. Occasionally, more sessions will be warranted. We will give you our recommended length of care during your initial functional exam.

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Athletic Expertise.

We commonly work with youth, high school, and collegiate athletes.

Dr. Robert Corvino has an extensive history of training that gives him an edge when working with sports injuries. Between specialized training, furthered education, and a long history of athletics himself, he provides expertise when working with all levels of athletes.

Rehab Services.

Aimed at improving postural strength, correcting faulty movement patterns, and eliminating pain/injuries.

Our Specialties.

General Pain/Injuries

  • Back Pain/Injuries

  • Neck Pain/Injuries

  • Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain/Injuries

  • Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Pain/Injuries

Sports Injuries

  • Ankle Sprains/Ankle Instability

  • Hamstring/Groin Strain

  • Shin Splints

  • Patellar Tendonitis/Jumper's Knee

Injury Prevention

  • Frequent Ankle Injuries

  • Frequent Knee Injuries

  • Frequent Muscle Strains

  • Frequent Shoulder Injuries

Testimonials. (See more on Google)

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"... I have been suffering from recurrent knee subluxation and dislocation for 5 years. I had 4 surgeries and have been through many runs of physical therapy. My condition never seemed to get better and, at the age of 15 my surgeon told me to give up on trying to do anything athletic. Overwhelmingly frustrated, I fell into a depression as sports were my outlet for most of my stress. After a final surgery from a new doctor, I was referred to Dr. Corvino by a family member. Immediately after starting treatment with Dr. Corvino, I began to see improvements, in just 2 weeks my knees had already gotten healthier than they had ever been in years. After completing my treatment a few weeks ago, I am returning back to all the sports that I missed so dearly. I cannot recommend him enough, my only regret is that I didn’t find him any sooner as I might have been able to avoid a couple years of physical therapy and play high school sports."


~ Alex (Boxer)

"Highly recommend! From the immense amount of training as an athlete I began having knee pains that interfered with my performance. Running and squatting became very painful and I had constant aching in my knees. Dr. Corvino was extremely helpful and provided the best rehab that was custom- fit specifically to my sport and lifestyle. After only 6 sessions with Dr. Corvino the aching in my knees had ceased and I felt better than ever before. Top notch service, you will not be disappointed!!"

~ Lauren (College Volleyball)

"Dr. Corvino had 5 sessions with me. I had MCL pain due to lack of stretching and improper movement. After learning how to improve movement with proper stretching and a few activities with a foam roller, I have been able to say that I experience no pain anymore. I highly Recommend Dr. Corvino because he learns to diagnose where the main cause of pain is, and then comes up with the proper treatment and stretching routine that you should follow."


~ Bryan (Runner)

Robert Corvino DC, MSACN

About the Owner.


Robert Corvino DC, MSACN is the Owner of Array Strength Rehab & Performance. He holds his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from New York Chiropractic College, Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Corvino to this day is an avid athlete and weightlifter who trains hours weekly.

Dr. Corvino's unique treatment style has been influenced by training under practitioners of professional sports teams, and leaders in nutrition. He also holds a long personal history of athletics; including Football, Track (Sprinting), and Weight Training. His treatment style is aimed at full recovery.