Youth/High School Athletics

At Array Strength we take Athletics very seriously. We acknowledge the importance of producing power, speed, and sport-specific improvements. However, an athlete can only support his/her team if he/she is on the field. Many athletes have the skill sets to make it to the next level but miss out on their opportunity due to injuries. I know this first hand. I spent half of my senior football season on the sidelines due to a hamstring tear. 


All strength and speed production must be balanced with stability, muscular endurance, and proper force transfer. An explosive athlete is at a high risk for injury if he/she lacks in the area of stability. A perfect example of this would be Derrick Rose (NBA Point Guard). His explosiveness made him incredible to watch and hard to stop on the court but it also made him vulnerable to injury. After a very short time in the NBA he had a multitude of injuries and he was never the same. 

Our group preventative strength training focuses on athlete-specific weaknesses and sport-specific injuries. Athlete-specific weaknesses include movements, muscles, and techniques that the athlete struggles with. This forces the athlete to constantly improve their weakest points. Sport-specific injuries include injuries most common to the athlete's sport. For example, we will commonly focus on ankle stability for basketball due to the high rate of ankle sprains. 

  • All sessions are a maximum of 4 athletes and a minimum of 2. 

  • All athletes will be required to perform an individual functional screening prior to starting group training. 

  • Athletes will be placed into groups based on age, sport, and ability. 

  • If you already have a group in mind, please contact us with the details.

  • Athletes under the age of 12 will primarily focus on body weight strength and balance.

  • All payments for group training must be made upfront.

Group Preventative Strength Training-

   Once/week for 4 weeks- $120/Athlete

   Twice/week for 4 weeks- $225/Athlete

For youth/high school athletes looking to improve stability, coordination, and posterior chain strength to decrease the risk of injury

  • 1 Hour; Once/Twice Weekly Training Sessions; 4 Week Blocks; 4 or 8 Total Sessions

  • 45 Minutes of Training; 15 Minutes of Warm Up/Cool Down

  • Focus on Athlete Specific Weaknesses​​​ (ex. Ankle Stability)

  • Focus on Sport Specific Injuries (ex. Ankle Sprains in Basketball)

  • Groups Based on Age, Sport, and Ability