The Process


What does the Array Strength process look like when working with sports injuries and active individuals?

We start care by performing an overall functional exam. Unlike traditional orthopedic examinations, we aren't looking to make a diagnosis, we are looking for patient-specific weaknesses. These weaknesses give us an idea of why the injury occurred, why pain currently exists, and what needs to be strengthened for full recovery and future injury prevention. Once we have recognized individual weaknesses, we create a plan to begin strengthening. 

Phase 1 of treatment involves, getting the patient out of pain and into a state where strengthening movements can be performed pain-free. In terms of more chronic pain, this phase can take longer. 

Phase 2 of treatment is started as soon as possible and involves strengthening patient-specific weaknesses. This phase is crucial for full healing and recovery. Our goal is never to just eliminate pain. We want to make you stronger than you were prior to your injury, to prevent similar future injuries. 


Many strengthening programs neglect training weaknesses, leading to furthered injuries and pain. We stress training weaknesses to deload painful joints, and reduce the risk of future injuries. 


When working with young athletes, it is common for their pain to be gone after 1-2 sessions. However, we always recommend a minimum of 6 visits to strengthen the athlete so that the injury does not reoccur.


At Array Strength our process works well with sports injuries and active individuals. Nonetheless, we are willing to work with all individuals that have a desire to work towards full recovery. Our service provided is not wellness care. Our desire is to get you in, get you fixed, and get you out... stronger than before. “Strength Conquers Pain.” ~Dr. Robert Corvino

What's the Source of Your Pain?

It all starts with GRAVITY. Unfortunately, when it comes to musculoskeletal pain, Gravity tends to be our enemy. All day long, whether we are at work, school, or anywhere else, gravity pulls down on us. As our muscles fatigue, gravity's relentless pull draws us into a slouched position. Forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, and a slouched back are all too common everywhere we look.


Why does this happen? Due to our lack of POSTURAL STRENGTH we struggle to maintain a healthy mechanical position throughout the day. We have now put our joints into a susceptible position and the longer we stay there, the more discomfort we experience.


The muscles that help us fight gravity to remain upright are called our "anti-gravity" muscles. Unfortunately when these muscles aren't trained, our posture suffers and we experience pain. As we continue to slouch the opposing muscles begin to get extremely tight. The chronic IMBALANCE of muscle tension across the joint is what creates dysfunction and pain.


Musculoskeletal pain EXISTS due to poor postural muscle strength. Receiving soft tissue therapy to break up adhesions and release tight muscles, as well as chiropractic adjustments to improve joint mobility, are incredible therapies to relieve pain caused by muscle tension; BUT, they do little to remove the root of the problem. 


So, what is THE DIFFERENCE? Our programs focus on improving your postural muscle strength. While we also utilize other therapies such as soft tissue massage to aid in our treatment, we focus foremost on improving your postural strength and teaching movement mechanics. Correct training causes biochemical adaptations to take place within the muscle. As these adaptations occur they begin to translate into everyday life. OUR GOAL is to give you the tools to live your life without pain.


We utilize, what we like to call, PERFORMANCE REHAB. This is a combination of traditional rehab principles combined with performance training. During each session, the typical patient will perform multiple strengthening movements, relative to their ability, to help improve their daily posture and deload their joints.


We often work with High School and Collegiate athletes suffering from sport specific pain and injuries. As explained above, we utilize PERFORMANCE REHAB, a combination of traditional rehab principles and performance training.


When working with Athletes we feel confident in utilizing more aggressive therapies to accelerate the rate of healing to get them back on the field ASAP.


Many athletes due to muscle imbalances, such as quad dominance, have an increased predisposition for injuries. Our sessions focus on strengthening athletes' individual weaknesses to prevent future injuries. Common areas focused on include; ankles, hips, and knees. For more information, see Services.

Robert Corvino DC, MSACN

About the Owner​


Robert Corvino DC, MSACN is the Owner of Array Strength Rehab & Performance. He holds his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from New York Chiropractic College, Masters Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition, and Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science. Dr. Corvino to this day is an avid athlete and powerlifter who trains hours weekly.

Dr. Corvino's unique treatment style has been influenced by training under practitioners of professional sports teams, and world-renowned leaders in nutrition. He also holds a long personal history of athletics; including Football, Track (Sprinting), and Powerlifting. His treatment style is aimed at full recovery.