What is a Sports Injury Specialist?

A sports injury specialist is a practitioner that specializes in the treatment and understanding of sports injuries. These specialists can range from surgeons, like orthopedists; manual specialists, like chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers; and even some strength and conditioning coaches. What sets these practitioners apart is the furthered understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of sports injuries.

At Array Strength we pride ourselves in being your Sports Injury Specialist; but, what sets us apart?

The Fix

Array Strength was built around the idea of providing the fix, not the band aid. We strive to eliminate the origin of the injury and the potential for future injuries by building postural strength. Strong athletes = healthy athletes.

Dr. Corvino has helped a large number of athletes and active individuals overcome sports injuries to get back into the weight room and onto the field. He doesn’t just eliminate the pain, he works to ensure that his patients build the strength needed to prevent future injuries.

For more information on our treatment style please read our blog post, Strength Conquers Pain.

“...As a student athlete, I was having issues with my knee (jumper's knee) and with Dr. Corvino’s help and expertise I literally have no issues.” ~ Ethan (HS Basketball)

Athletic Experience

Dr. Robert Corvino has a long history of athletics and personal injuries that has allowed him to better understand the injuries of his patients. With offers to play football in college and a sectional track athlete, he is completely familiar with the demand put upon high school and college athletes to perform, recover, and remain injury-free.

"...From the immense amount of training as an athlete I began having knee pains that interfered with my performance. Running and squatting became very painful and I had constant aching in my knees. Dr. Corvino was extremely helpful and provided the best rehab that was custom- fit specifically to my sport and lifestyle. After only 6 sessions with Dr. Corvino the aching in my knees had ceased and I felt better than ever before..." ~Lauren (College Volleyball)

To this day, Dr. Corvino still personally trains at a high level. His consistent time spent in the weight room helps him to constantly learn and update his rehab techniques to assist his patients in full recovery at an accelerated rate.

One-on-one Sessions

All sessions are performed one-on-one with Dr. Robert Corvino. Unlike high volume practices and clinics, you will not be passed off to an assistant. Sessions are all 45 minutes, providing high value time for accelerated healing and results.


Dr. Robert Corvino has his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition and Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine. Through professional mentorships, continuing education, and personal research, Dr. Corvino’s style of treatment evolved significantly outside of the realm of traditional chiropractic care as he dedicated his continued education to becoming a sports injury specialist.

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