What does the Array Strength process look like when working with sports injuries and active individuals?

We start care by performing an overall functional exam. Unlike traditional orthopedic examinations, we aren't looking to make a diagnosis, we are looking for patient-specific weaknesses. These weaknesses give us an idea of why the injury occurred, why pain currently exists, and what needs to be strengthened for full recovery and future injury prevention. Once we have recognized individual weaknesses, we create a plan to begin strengthening.

Phase 1 of treatment involves, getting the patient out of pain and into a state where strengthening movements can be performed pain-free. In terms of more chronic pain, this phase can take longer.

Phase 2 of treatment is started as soon as possible and involves strengthening patient-specific weaknesses. This phase is crucial for full healing and recovery. Our goal is never to just eliminate pain. We want to make you stronger than you were prior to your injury, to prevent similar future injuries.

Many strengthening programs neglect training weaknesses, leading to furthered injuries and pain. We stress training weaknesses to deload painful joints, and reduce the risk of future injuries.

When working with young athletes, it is common for their pain to be gone after 1-2 sessions. However, we always recommend a minimum of 6 visits to strengthen the athlete so that the injury does not reoccur.

At Array Strength our process works well with sports injuries and active individuals. Nonetheless, we are willing to work with all individuals that have a desire to work towards full recovery. Our service provided is not wellness care. Our desire is to get you in, get you fixed, and get you out... stronger than before.

“Strength Conquers Pain.” ~Dr. Robert Corvino

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