Health Content.

Anti-Inflammatory Dietary Guidelines

  • High Quality Meats, Fish, Eggs

  • Avoid Refined Sugars

  • Avoid Refined Grains

  • Avoid Vegetable Oils

  • Avoid Fried Foods

  • Consume Healthy Fats (Grass-Fed Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil)

  • Fresh, Wholefood

  • Consume Green Leafy Vegetables Daily

  • Gluten-Free



It is important to drink the right amount of water for you according to your weight. Only water counts as water. Tea and coffee do not count. For every one coffee, it takes two glasses of water to replenish. Avoid drinking from plastic bottles.

  • ~130 lbs = 67 fluid oz

  • ~165 lbs = 84 fluid oz

  • ~200 lbs = 100 fluid oz

  • ~230 lbs = 118 fluid oz

Sleep Depravation and Athletic Performance

  • 11% faster time to exhaustion

  • 17-19% increase in perceived exertion

  • Decreased maximum and sub-maximum strength levels

  • Reduction in cardio-respiratory capacity

  • Increase in likelihood of overtraining and injury

  • Decreased muscle mass

Sleeping Hacks

  • Sleep at 65 Degrees***

  • Limit exposure to light at night

  • Limit screens after sunset

  • Use blue-light blocking on phones, computers, etc.

  • Use blackout curtains in bedroom

  • Wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday

  • Finish workouts 3-4 hours prior to bedtime



Nutrient status is crucial to optimal athletic performance and health. Minerals (Cofactors) and Vitamins (Coenzymes) are essential for enzymatic process to occur optimally in the body. When deficient, physiologic function suffers. Even if your diet is perfect, which we know it's not... and either is mine... you will still lack the needed amounts.

Increased physical and mental activity due to athletics will also significantly increase your body's demand of nutrients. Below are some nutrients that are commonly deficient in the US for all individuals.

For more information on dosages, please do not hesitate to email us.

  • Magnesium - In over 300 enzymatic processes. Supports muscle recovery and relaxation.

  • Zinc - In over 200 enzymatic processes. Supports hormone health and muscle recovery. Important for immunity.

  • Fish Oil - Contains omega 3 fatty acids crucial for supporting the regulation of inflammation in the body. Also supports brain health and recovery.

  • Vitamin D - Supports immunity and blood glucose regulation. Acts as a prohormone in the body.

  • Phytomulti (Metagenics) - Recommended Multivitamin. Optimal for supporting overall function, energy, recovery, and health.

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  • Form over weight***

  • Perfect movements before increasing weight to avoid injury

  • Strengthen postural muscles (hamstrings, back, glutes) as much as you strength "show" muscles (pecs, quads) to limit joint imbalances and pain/injury

  • Don't neglect major movements performed right (squat, deadlift, bench press)

  • Strengthen abs often to deload and protect back

  • Strengthen postural muscles for endurance over maximal strength

  • Focus on general physical preparedness (sled pull/push, farmer carries, push ups, weighed walks)